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Acne is the most common skin condition the effects up to 50 million people in the United States annually.  Acne is a condition that occurs when hair follicles plug with oil and dead skin cells and has probably affected each of us at one point in our lives. While typically associated with young adults and adolescents, it can occur at any stage of life.

  • Approximately 85 percent of people between the ages of 12 and 24 experience at least minor acne
  • Research shows that 1 in 5 Adults struggle with Acne: 35% of women in their 30s, 26% in their 40s, and 15% over 50 battle breakouts.
  • The costs associated with the treatment of acne exceeds $3 billion annually.
    • Source: American Dermatological Association

During those younger years psychological and social impacts of acne are a huge concern, especially because acne affects adolescents at a crucial time when they are developing their personalities. During this time, building self esteem and having peer acceptance is very important to a teenager and unfortunately it has been found that there are strong links between physical appearance and attractiveness and peer status.

Causes of Acne

  • Acne is caused by many factors such as Genetics, Hormones, Emotional Stress, Diets with High Glycemic Load (Sugars), and Medications.
  • Overactive oil glands can produce too much oil and then combines with skin cells to plug pores. When the pores in the skin become plugged, bacteria on the skin multiply, causing skin lesions.
  • In normal functioning skin, excess dead skin cells are constantly being sloughed away naturally. In acne-prone skin, dead cells remain stuck on the skin’s surface and within the follicle, creating a clog (impaction).

Increasing Cell Turnover, Hydration (Drinking a lot of Water) and a Low Sugar Diet is key to reducing acne breakouts.

 Medical Treatments

Treatment of acne has been fairly limited to topical over the counter treatments, prescribed Retinols, to the extreme prescriptions like acne drug Roaccutane (generic name, isotretinoin, and formerly sold as Accutane in the United States). The latter is meant to be used as a last resort for severe acne, but is often prescribed for even mild cases. It’s list of side effects and problems has articles saying it is one of the most dangerous drugs ever made.

Naturally Increase Cell Turnover for Clearer Skin without Toxic Ingredients

  • Cell Turnover is your body’s natural exfoliation process getting rid of dead skin that can plug follicles and cause breakouts.
  • Your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells every 28-40 days, on average, a new skin cell is “born”. The cell will travel up through your epidermis until it reaches the top layer of your skin
  • Ideally, new skin cells continue to arrive at the skin’s surface, pushing older cells off from beneath.  This  process happens over the entire body, not just your face.

    THE PROBLEM: Our cell turnover rate changes throughout our life.  Babies and young children have a faster cell turnover rate twice that of adults. As we age and with external factors in our environment, our cell turnover rate slows down.

ASEA RENU 28 and Redox Gel

Native and Natural Skin Care

ASEA commissioned Stephens & Associates to study the effects of redox signaling molecules found in the ASEA RENU 28 Skin Care Gel on blood flow and cell turnover, with special emphasis on the skin. The question asked in the study with Stephens & Associates research:

1. Will RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel stimulate skin cell renewal and turnover?

2. Will RENU 28 Revitalizing Redox Gel increase blood flow in the skin?

Here are the findings:

Typical cell turnover is 28–42 days. Using RENU 28 on the participants showed a 16% faster skin cell renewal rate meaning RENU 28 decreased cell turnover time by four to six days. In addition, participants in the study saw:

49% blood flow increase within 15 minutes of the first application • 34% blood flow increase one-hour post initial application
35% blood flow increase three hours post initial application • 44% blood flow increase 48 hours into the study and 55% blood flow increase 96 hours into the study.

Changing your diet, drinking lots of water and creating faster cellular turnover and enhanced blood flow with RENU28 skin care are natural ways to maintain healthy and glowing skin.



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