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Special thanks to Deni Robinson for this information. A great post about what Asea offers Athletes and Competitors for talking points to those who want to be in the best condition and recover faster than ever before.

How can Asea give you the Competitive Edge?

⚡️Athletic endurance, as measured by time to ventilatory threshold and time to VO2 max, is significantly increased by more than 10% on average.

⚡️Speed recovery after athletic exertion.

⚡️Aerobic performance balanced redox potential in the tissues increases the efficiency at which oxygen, fuels and wastes can be transferred in and out of cells and tissues, making the natural aerobic processes more efficient.

⚡️Boost Energy by supporting overall cellular health ASEA can enhance the metabolic processes that produce energy for the body.

⚡️Superior Antioxidant Performance- accelerates antioxidant production and effectiveness- allows supplements you take to be more effective.

⚡️Science Backed – ASEA is based on more than 16 years of foundational research making it a safe and natural way to help your body function as best it can. Testing proves no banned substances.

⚡️Bottom Line: when everything else is equal Endurance and Recovery are Everything- ASEA can provide that edge!⚡️


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