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Team Live It Recorded Calls

Dial in live from your phone every Monday night for the Monday Motivational Series (9 PM CDT) Listen to be Inspired
Monday Dial In: 9PM CDT  641-715-3660 Passcode 960531#
Recorded call dial in: 641-715-3659 (same passcode)

Monday Motivational with ASEA President, Jarom Webb

Monday Motivational Call Jarom Webb, ASEA's President, joined Terry Latham on the Monday Motivational Call as he shares what makes ASEA technologies and business opportunity unique and the strategy ASEA Corporate is executing on building a legacy company that makes a...

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Monday Motivational Call- The Doctors Speak Out

Monday Motivational Call on November 19, 2019 This week Ambassador Double Diamond Terry Latham interviews Dr. Stephen Dalton and Dr. Stephen O'Connor about their individual medical backgrounds, their dedication to integrative medicine and patient care. Both Doctors...

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Monday Motivational Story of Debbie Wetzler

Last night's Monday Motivational call with the amazing Triple Diamond Debbie Wetzler was a call you MUST listen to! Her personal story of how and when she was introduced to ASEA was so powerful. As a single mom in 2008 she was facing foreclosure on her home due to the...

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Monday Motivational Call: The Cycle of Success

November 6, 2018 Last night's Monday Motivational Call hosted by Terry Latham with special guest, Ambassador Diamond, Alan Noble. Alan and Terry discuss leadership skills and how you can keep the business simple with in home presentations and leveraging a tool so you...

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Monday Motivational How to Do In Home Meetings

October 23, 2018 One of the best ways to connect with people is by doing an in person meeting and often done in your own home or a local place in your community where you can invite many people to meet you and Discover ASEA together while maximizing your time and...

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Monday Motivational Call with Dr. David Silverman

October 10, 2018 This week's Monday Motivational Call we had special guest ASEA Ambassador Diamond and Medical Board Advisory Member, Dr. David Silverman. Dr.Silverman shares his story about how he was first introduced to the ASEA REDOX product 8 years ago and...

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Monday Motivational Call- How to Do Three Way Calls

How to Leverage Three Way Calls to Build Your Business On last night's Monday Motivational Call we discussed the power of using three-way (connect) calls to help share ASEA with others. You don't have to be an expert, you need to be a connector to someone that you can...

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Monday Motivational Call with Deni Robinson

September 24, 2018 On last night's Monday Motivational call Terry interviewed the amazing ASEA Presidential Diamond, Deni Robinson. Deni is the #2 income earner with ASEA and has built an international business by helping others achieve their goals. On this call you...

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Monday Motivational Call-The Rhythm of Your Business

September 17, 2018 The future is very exciting for those who are using the ASEA product lines to improve your health! We are thrilled to have you as a part of our family. Some of you have decided to share these amazing technologies with others through the ASEA...

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