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Your digestive system is like a complex pipeline. Each day we put pounds of substances (food, drinks, medications, and supplements) into our bodies with the hopes our system will be able to sort out good from bad.  This pipeline is the digestive system and is the heart of our immune systems, it operates our metabolism, creates vitamins, and communicates with every other cell in the body. 
The purpose of your digestive system, also called “the gut,” is to bring nutrients to each cell of your body. When this doesn’t occur properly, we may feel tired, foggy, and begin to develop symptoms of an illness. Digestive issues, account for more than 104 million doctor visits a year and over 70 million people suffer from digestive diseases. Much research has been done in the last decade on the functions of the digestive system with some interesting findings.

  1. If spread completely flat, your digestive system would cover a tennis court.
  2. Your digestive system is also known as your “second brain”
  3. Your gut is home to up to 80% of your cells responsible for your Immune System.
  4. Your digestive system creates significantly more neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, than does your brain.
  5. Dark Chocolate is a Gut Friendly Food (the best finding!)

Keeping your “Gut” or Digestive System Healthy is key to your overall ability to stay well and feel great. Eating foods rich in phytonutrients, increasing your digestive enzyme production, supplementation with REDOX molecules, staying hydrated and well rested and exercising are all great ways to keep your digestive system working for and not against you.



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