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September 17, 2018

The future is very exciting for those who are using the ASEA product lines to improve your health! We are thrilled to have you as a part of our family. Some of you have decided to share these amazing technologies with others through the ASEA business opportunity.  Ambassador Diamond, Alan Noble, who has created many of the tools available to you to share the ASEA product and business story joined us this week on the Monday Motivational call.

On this call Alan shares his background over the last 9 years of ASEA as the foundation has been established and the thousands of lives changed. Listen to hear his thoughts on the next chapter of ASEA and why the next three years will be huge and how you can leverage this momentum to build your business. The Rhythm of Your Business is key to your success.  Your #1 goal is consistency. Consistently leverage tools on a daily, weekly basis that helps you educate people about ASEA. One of these was announced on this call which is a live presentation about ASEA every Thursday evening at 8 PM CST.

For those that want to share the products & opportunity of ASEA with others join www.discoverasea.com every Thursday at 8 PM CST to hear a live presentation with Alan Noble.

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