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Monday August 27, 2018

On this week’s call Terry interviewed new ASEA Platinums, Ken and Sandy Kelm. Ken and Sandy have more than 38 years of Network Marketing experience. Having been successful with 2 other companies in this industry they really weren’t looking to build another business. They were introduced to ASEA quite by accident. When they saw what ASEA was they couldn’t believe the results they were seeing both in corporate structure, strategic execution and with this category creator product they jumped in with both feet. As Ken shared, they just can’t not share this amazing product with others!  Ken and Sandy joined ASEA the last week of June and reached the level of Platinum in a short 8 weeks period of time. One of the most important tips he shares is if you want your business to grow quickly you do it by leveraging three-way calls and following up using Jeanie to share Alan Nobles’, Redox Breakthrough video. Listen here to recorded interview and learn how he makes this business super simple. This is an amazing call to be shared with others!


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