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Chronic diseases appear gradually. If unchecked, the illness eventually can become a life threat. This is a fundamental different model of illness than that of an acute illness. The best way to describe it, is a chronic disease is not like a raging house fire. It’s like a smoldering fire in a pile of leaves that slowly reaches the point of flame of no return. Healthcare has designated a staggering amount of resources and dollars around the life ending “house is on fire” and ignored the 90 percent of the smoldering chronic disease progression variables that is steadily increasing population risk of health and cost.

Today, almost 88 percent of U.S. healthcare dollars are spent on medical care — access to physicians, hospitals, procedures, drugs, etc. and 50% of lives worldwide are living with chronic diseases.  The world is in a reactive state of mind when it comes to where their personal dollars are being spent. As shown in the graphics below What Makes Us Healthy vs What we Spend on Being Healthy the differences are a staggering comparison.  When someone says I can’t afford IT (whether its Organic Nutrition, Exercise, Redox Cell Supplementation) the answer is How can you AFFORD NOT to be proactive. You will Pay Now or you will Pay Later.



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