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Check out this great program overview how to reconnect people with Asea.

A special promotion to help them reengage and get free products.  Check out the short 5 min overview:


One of the best ways to grow your business is to maximize your existing business! It can be rewarding in lots of ways to reconnect with your team and incentivize people to reengage. Here’s how ASEA is going to help you do that.

Contact Info

You can now access a list of contact info on people in your sponsorship tree who haven’t placed an order in the last 60 days! Just go to your back office and click on reports/Reconnect with Redox

Free Product

You’re not just contacting people—you’re offering them something! Everyone on your list who places a new order for a case of ASEA Redox Supplement will get a FREE tube of RENU 28!




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